Wassamasaw Tribe Of Varnertown Indians
Wassamasaw Tribe Of Varnertown                            Indians

Tribal Government

Meet the Tribal Executive Board:

The tribe is governed by an Executive Board, which consists of the Chief, Vice Chief, and five elected Tribal Council members. Other appointed tribal positions include the Secretary, Treasurer, Tribal Archivist, Enrollment Officer, and Tribal Historian. All Executive Board positions are filled through election of the Tribal membership. All tribal offices are 4-year terms. The tribe also has a Council of Elders who serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board


Lisa Leach Collins

Chief / Tribal Chair and Tribal Administrator


Heidi Varner  Seabrooke

Vice Chief / Assistant Tribal Administrator

Joshua Shumak

Tribal Council Member

Tribal Publicist

Janie Shumak

Tribal Council Member / Finacial Officer / Enrollment Officer

Darren Clark

Tribal Council Member

DJ Clark

Tribal Council Member

Tammy Leach

Cultural & Heritage 


Creighton Codrey

Tribal Council Member

Support Us

Although we are a State Recognised Tribe we are also organised as a non-profit organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities or you can donate.

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Updated 2022