Wassamasaw Tribe Of Varnertown Indians
Wassamasaw Tribe Of Varnertown                            Indians

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a member?

To be a member, please submit an application package. More information can be found under the “Membership” tab.

When are Executive Board Meetings?

Executive Board meetings occur on a monthly basis at a time selected by the The Wassamasaw Tribal Board members and will generally be formal occasions for the purpose of scheduling tribal events in accordance to the Tribe’s mission statement. To keep updated on meeting dates and times, look under the “Tribal Calendar” tab for further information.

How do I contact my Council Member?

All Executive Board meetings have Open Forum time for members to address the council. In addition, all council members are required to attend the tribal activities and events so that they can speak with and interact with the members that their seat represents. The “Contact Us” tab contains the email addresses, the “Tribal Calendar” tab advises of the next meeting date, and the “Upcoming and Past Event” tab provides dates of the next tribal activity or event. You can also email the Tribal Secretary at wassamasaw@hotmail.com and they will ensure your inqueries are sent to your Tribal Council Representative as well as the Tribal Administrator.

How Do I Keep My Membership Active?

Once enrolled, active membership will require that dues be paid each year and remain up to date. Attendance of at least two cultural activities per year is required of active members. Active membership also entails attending one Tribal Community Event held throughout the year for the Varnertown Indian community. Once a person falls inactive, they will need to catch up on their tribal dues, and then attend the required number of events before they will be considered as an active member again. If you fall inactive, you will remain on the Tribal Rolls unless you request your name to be withdrawn. However, you will not be eligible to be nominate for an Executive Board position or be eligible to vote unless you are an active member.

Why was My Application Package Not Approved?

You may not have provided everything in your application package. Please ensure you have provided a:  A Completed Application, A Completed Genealogy Chart, A Copy of Your Long Form Birth Certificate, A headshot of yourself for your Tribal Card, Submit a check or money order of $25 for the processing. (Please note that if you or your parents are not in our rolls we will need you to provide documentation up to the Native American ancestor. This can include: Parents/ Grandparents long form birth certificates showing parentage, or copies of census records showing the familial connection.)

What is the difference between the Edisto Lineage of The Wassamasaw Tribe and The Edisto of the Edisto Natchez Kusso Tribe

The Edisto lineage of the Wassamasaw Tribe is due to one of our progenitors, Indian Mary, being a documented Edisto Indian from Edisto Island


The Edisto Natchez-Kusso Tribe are descendants of the Natchez and Kusso Tribes who settled along the Edisto river and adopted the name Edisto in the 1970’s.

To learn more about the Edisto Natchez-Kusso Tribe visit their website: https://www.natchezkussotribeofscedisto.website/history

Support Us

Although we are a State Recognised Tribe we are also organised as a non-profit organization and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities or you can donate.

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